About me, and about my blog

Hi there!

My name’s Ashish Kulkarni, and I want to thank you for choosing to visit my blog.

This blog originally started as a series of reflections about my city, Pune (which explains the name of the blog as well), but has since changed into a series of posts about thoughts and reflections of a rather more varied nature. I write about everyday topics that I find interesting, and the emphasis perhaps should be on everyday rather than interesting.

You are as likely to find a post eulogizing Federer as you are to find one about hot and sour soup. If it catches my fancy, I’ll write about it, and that’s about an accurate a description as you’ll need about this blog.

Feel free to go through the posts here, and I’d love it if you took the time out to let me know what you think!

If you want to get in touch, drop me a line at ashishkulkarni.econ@gmail.com

Once again, thanks for dropping by.