Google Goes Offline

by Ashish

Did you guys see the Google Chrome ad in the newspaper today?

I’m paying TOI a compliment by calling it a newspaper, but let’s leave that thought aside for the moment. Let’s focus on the Google Chrome ad.

Arun Prabhudesai probably nails it in his blogpost while analyzing quite why Google did what it did – simply because everybody and his doodhwala knows about Google, but not enough people know about Chrome. Hell, Google’s own research shows that not everybody knows what a browser is.

In fact, Google has a video up on YouTube that tries to explain just that – what exactly is a browser.

Google’s ratcheting up it’s marketing efforts in general, apparently – it doesn’t often get into offline media – and more specifically, in raising awareness about the fact that it’s more than a search engine. And if this is the start of a trend, the coming months will be an interesting period indeed.

And oy vey – if you haven’t given Chrome a try already, please do. Wawsome it is.