My New Year Zerolutions

by Ashish

I suck at keeping them, which explains the name.

But I have only one for the entire year – and that is to watch every match that Dravid and Sachin play.

They’ve made it difficult enough, the nincompoops at BCCI – only two tests for the foreseeable future, and that too against the fearsome might of Bangladesh. And the only other possibility is South Africa – who at the time of writing are playing like Bangladesh anyways.

I mean, come on. You lose to a team that has Ian I-think-I’ll-leave-this-one-oops Bell, by an innings. At home. At Durban. Mostly due to an offspinner. Who’s Brit. I mean, come on.

So anyways, like I was saying, that leaves me facing the prospect of watching these two in action against Bangladesh in Tests.

Sachin has, wise man that he is, withdrawn himself from the fascinating tri-series featuring Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, apart from Dhoni’s jaded jubilant marauders. Can’t remember the last time we played the Lankans – been so many years now, ain’t it?

So, the only chance I get at extended viewing is at the IPL. But that would mean having to put up with the Jeremy Coney, Tracer Bullet Shastri, DLF Maximum’s and Citi Moments of Suckses.

But still, resolutions are all about putting up with the rough and carrying through with it. And so I’ll watch, every chance I get.

Because they’re worth it.

Oh, and more frequent postings. That too.