Sehwag = Wawsomeness

by Ashish

Chanced upon this interview because of this post – but my favourite passage, possible of all time, has simply got to be this:

Let me give an example: I was batting on 291 at Chepauk, against South Africa. I told Paul Harris, “Come round the wicket and first ball I’ll hit you for a six.” He accepted my challenge and the very first ball I hit him for a straight six, and there was a long-off, long-on, deep midwicket and a deep point. I was so tired and he was bowling on the pads and I was getting bored. So rather than spending 10-15 minutes to get to the triple-century I gave him good advice.

What arrogance, what realism. Federer, in his interviews, sometimes comes across as a tad – how shall I put it – superior, but when you think about it, he is completely justified.

And for much the same reason, so is Sehwag – both can back up their seemingly outrageous statements.

Go read, and enjoy.