That Damn Itch

by Ashish

I’m not going to apologize for the hiatus, not because I don’t feel like apologizing (I do), but because it’ll happen again. The hiatus, I mean. So learn to live with it, as I have.

There’s been plenty to write about, of course – the rains came and went, pigs flew in Pune, schools and colleges shut down, and all sorts of insane things happened. But the strain of having to write a post a day finally told on Kulkarni – and although he struggled manfully under the burden for as long as he could… well, one day he couldn’t.

And that explains the pause. But now, at long last, the all night candle vigils, the letters written in human blood and the screams of anguish can cease and desist. Kulkarni is back.

Seriously though, I don’t think I’ll be putting up a post a day. Too much effort, and goes against my very ethos. What I will be doing however, is trying to post with somewhat more regularity.

About what?

Well, about travel. Turns out traveling and writing are two things I like doing, so I’ll be combining the two for the nonce.

There’s a trip to Aurangabad, a trip to Bombay and a trip to Bangalore coming up on consecutive weekends, so let’s talk about these hip and happening places – from the rather jaundiced view of a Punekar.

And in the meantime, a short ‘post-it-notes’ kind of post on a short jaunt I undertook to Chennai will follow shortly.

I might have ended by saying “promise”, but I know you lot. I’ll spare myself.

Cheers, all.