Um, rain-god. Hullo? Hullo???

by Ashish

Now, this here blog is about Pune, yes.

But it’s not supposed to be topical, news-oriented and opinionated about current affairs. Opinionated, yes. But not about current affairs.

We do not, for example, publicly collapse in helpless laughter when geniuses talk about genius things. But still and all, the water crisis has got The Puneri in a twaddle.

And one is therefore pressed to offer one’s two penn’orth on the topic du jour.

Here we go: WTF???

No rains, no water, no nothing? How did we get to such a state – and what is to be done now? We’re scraping at the bottom of the reservoirs apparently, and as mentioned by that worthy, we’re conducting a survey of wells in the city. Wells!

If it doesn’t rain soon, we actually face the prospect of no water by the end of the month. And that’s not a pretty situation for our fair city, no?

Bhaat to do?