by Ashish

The store, not the restaurant. And hey, guess what? I needs to make a trip to the restaurant as well. Been far too long.

Dorabjee’s is an old, old store in Camp – a little ways away from The Place.

People coming from foreign parts might not get the point, but where Puneri’s are concerned, Dorabjee’s is the place to go for exotic shopping. Spread over one wing of a rather large, squat building, Dorabjees stocks your usual run-of-the-mill groceries on the one hand.

And on the other hand, it a treasure trove for old and young. There are imported chocolates, liquer chocolates, fresh cheeses, freshly cut meat, packaged ham and bacon, shrimps, beef, sausages, frankfurters, juices and what have you’s. There’s root beer, there’s sauces and dips and creams and toppings. Biscuits of an endless variety, baked bread in various sizes and flavours, jams and tarts and custards and jellies.

I didn’t get nearly enough stuff home, and there will be a couple more visits for sure, but that’s not the reason Iwrote this post.

In a little corner of the store I found packets of chocolates. I don’t know if you have ever had these chocolates – wrapped in little silver foils, they are a little larger than an oversized pebble. You could make them out by the silver foil. If the foil had thick green lines running across it, it was peppermint chocolate. If they were bright red, it was fudge. There were blue lines and yellow lines as well – small little chocolates that you could unwrap and pop in your mouth.

Some things bring your childhood back in a flash – just like that. Those chocolates did it for me – seeing them in that little corner there was like going back in time.

Head over there and buy a packet. It’s the cheapest time machine money can buy.