And all said and done…

by Ashish

When it has rained, and the hills are green again; when a cool breeze brings the smell of wet earth all over the city, and when the sun disappears behind clouds for a long, long time – Pune is truly beautiful.

Really, with the promise of the Sahyadris just a small ride away, and kanda bhaji available at every corner with hot spicy garlic chutney, with garma garam chai to follow, Pune is truly beautiful.

Not that it isn’t the rest of the year – but my point is, if you’ve recently been caught in a downpour, stuck in a traffic jam caused by water logging, or had long ranging power cuts because of the rains  -take time to think of the green rolling hills that lie yonder, take time to think of the bhajis, and take time to think of how beautiful this city can be.

Because I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but Pune – it is truly beautiful.