About the Pune BarCamp 2

by Ashish

And I might have got the name wrong, I don’t know.

But there is an UNconference (as in, not a conference. Not a shindig sponsored by the United Nations) happening on the 27th of June at SICSR, Pune. This place is right next to Om Supermarket, near Deep Bangla Chowk.

From what I can make out, the unconference gets together people who are itnerested in blogging, and gets them to talk to one another. Networking, meeting people, floating ideas, shooting down of ideas, you get the drift.

I’m going – and if you can make it, give it a try.

Now, the reason I’m going is to find out stuff about blogging. There are some pretty good bloggers attending, and I want to learn the ropes.

But also, and to me, more importantly, I want to see if anybody is talking about a topic close to my heart. If not, I don’t mind kickstarting a debate about it – Can blogging help make Pune a better place?

There’s a lot of content about Pune out there – as I mentioned earlier. Burrp does a good job of listing most events around town, there are more than a few noteworthy bloggers that write about my fair city, and there are a lot of specialist blogs about niche areas in the city as well.

But what I am very interested in is a two fold objective:

1) Can blogging foster a sense of community among small suburbs around the city?

2) Can blogging (and bloggers) drive a change for the better where transport systems (ha!) are concerned?

If there are people who are gurus in either sphere, I’d be very interested to meet them. Which, to cut a long story short, is why I’m going.

Let’s hope I meet you there!