Top Ten Things To Do In The Rains

by Ashish

10. Go for a long, long ride. To Khadakwasla.

9. Eat bhutta at Khadakwasla.

8. Eat garma garam kanda bhajji, with adrak chai.

7. Sit on the verandah at Pune University canteen, and drink a cup of coffee.

6. Go for a swim, Preferably at Tilak Tank.

5. Sit in the verandah of the Old Library building at Gokhale Institute.

4. Jump into puddles outside your house, and go “Wheee!”. No, seriously. Try it.

3. Sit at home and grab a hot cup steaming cup of filter cofee. Watch it rain.

2. Make little paper boats, and set them out into little rivulets. When was the last time you did that?

1. Call up the boss and tell him to #%#$ off. Cuddle up in a blanket with a book.