Digging For Gold

by Ashish

Or just digging – nobody beats the PMC. OK?

Back when they had just gotten around to getting all the roads in more than acceptable conditions for the Commonwealth Youth Games, Puneris would ride on their own roads with mouths agape, and in some cases, with tears in their eyes.

Beautifully asphalted roads, with not a pothole for miles together, neat little dividers in the middle and road signs that made sense – it was a heaven that simply would not last.

And having waited and bided their time till the onset of the monsoon, the PMC is back in force – this time, they’re digging so that gas lines can be made available all over town. At least, so they claim.

And the digging continues. Debris by the roadside, huge yellow roadrollers, interminable traffic jams and business as usual.

Pune is Pune once again. And for once, I’m complaining.