Have you ever had ginger biscuits?

by Ashish

They rocked, just totally rocked.

Brown and crumbly, they would be sweetish to start off with, and sharp on the tongue at the finish.

Dipped in piping hot tea in the afternoons, they were just absolute heaven. We used to get them from Pratap Tea Depot – in Deccan Gymkhana. There was a lot of good stuff you could get at Pratap Tea Depot, not the least of which was BOP / OP tea, but to my mind, nothing beat ginger biscuits.

Now of course, Pratap Tea Depot doesn’t sell them. Of course. I went in there on a whim the other day, and put my up best impression of the polite, submissive Pune shopper. The polite submissive Puneri shopper steps into a Puneri shop to get his ass whipped, and get goods if he is lucky. The aggressive, I’m-gonna-give-it-right-back Puneri shopper steps into a Puneri shop to make war. Both get what they wanted only if the shopkeeper feels like it; their attitudes make not the slightest difference.  But those are the two types of Puneri shoppers there are, and I’m of the former variety.

So, there I was, ingratiating smile on face.

“Excuse me, do you keep ginger biscuits?”

The old lady at the back , dour and taticurn dials set to turbo-max, shakes her head.

“Will you get them anytime soon?”


“Do you know where else I can get them?”

And ad infinitum.

The point being, they were very nice – I don’t know if you ever had them. If you have, let me know.

And if you have seen the lady in Pratap Tea Depot smile, tell me all about it.