It had to happen…

by Ashish

It was an idea that I had for a long time.

Well no, actually. My idea was to create “Pune Packets” and sell them at Pune railway station and at the airport.

These packets would consist of Chitale Amba Barfi, Chitale Farsan, Chitale Bakarwadi, Laxminarayan Chiwda, Kayani’s Shewsbury Biscuits and other typically Puneri stuff. Hey, that reminds me – so much more to write about!

Still, the idea was to make pretty Puneri packets and sell them for a bomb.

And I don’t know if this site charges a bomb, but they’ve taken the idea a step further.

And if you are a Puneri outside of Pune, and if you heave a melancholy sigh when you sip your tea in the afternoon, and mutter under your breath “My kingdom even, for just half a Shrewsbury”… then you might want to have a look.