More From Fergie…

by Ashish

Lectures at the Amphi were a treat – the Amphitheatre is an old, pretty much dilapidated building that houses a grand old amphitheatre (where, it will be remembered, a gloriously ugly renedition of Hotel California was suffered by one and all) and two big classrooms, along with a couple of nooks and crannies that can house a couple of lectures in a pinch.

It also houses the Pol Sci department, which is situated right next to the class where Economics leactures were held at seven in the morning – the scene of many a nap, and what pleasant slumber that was!

Moving on from the Amphi, one reaches the library, whose citizens are only one branch above the Noers at the Main building on the tree of evolution. Although the collection is truly wonderful, it is not helped by the fact that one cannot browse at leisure. One browses through an elaborate card catalogue system, takes down the number of the book which one wishes to read, and hands it over to a waiting clerk behind a desk. He then trundles off into the innards of the building and usually comes back empty handed. That’s how it works. But the collection is really one of the best.

Kimaya – that magnificent, and magnificently pointless relic. Kimaya is a large structure that is impossible to describe. It is a courtyard covered with a roof, and has seats in four corners. It is open on all sides, cool and windy. Quite what it is for, I do not know. But if you’re, or have been, a Fergie student, you have killed time there. Students can be found lolling in Kimaya at all hours of the day, sitting around, chatting, yelling or just plain sleeping.

The canteen used to serve pretty good bun-wada (not to be confused with vada pav), and a decent cup of chai. I don’t know if they still do, I haven’t been around in ages.

Beyond this lies the boys hostel, the staff quarters and other vague buildings that I don’t know much about – having never stayed in the boys hostel, I don’t know that area very well.

Then there’s the Wrangler building, the geography department, and come other buildings that I have probably missed out on – come to think of it, that place must be replete with history.

Let me know if you know of any, and in the meantime, I’ll try and ask people if they have some pretty tales in the telling.

And no, I have not forgotten the Economics Department. How could I?

It deserves a post of it’s own, that’s all.