And while I’m taking you around…

by Ashish

Could I invite you to a short jaunt around Fergusson College?

I don’t know if you have been inside – and that goes for everyone who has been a student in that college as well.

Fergusson College lies sprawled across most of Fergusson College Road. Beginning with the gate to the Ladies Hostel (also known as the first gate), moving over on to the Main Gate (with the ugly arch informing us that it has been aroud since 1885) and ending finally at the third gate, which takes one towards the boy’s hostel.

There is a fourth gate, but it isn’t on Fergusson College Road. It’s on BMCC Road, and it is a very useful landmarks for the lost souls at Gokhale Institute, which can be identified as the large, lonely place adjacent to Fergusson’s Back Gate.

Still, once you’re inside Fergusson College, you can’t help but notice the beauty of the place. Old style buildings, large paths on which one can walk under the shade of many a magnificent tree, and it is completely devoid of vehicular traffic – all manner of petrol driven beasts being banned inside the campus. If one enters through the main gate, one walks past the tennis courts, and the parking lot. One particularly pleasing tourist attraction is the notice board near the parking lot, the second point on which informs all readers that “Students and Parents should”.

Moving on, one reaches the circle. There isn’t a circle there now, if I remember correctly, but it is still called the circle, and will always be called the circle. Even today, old timers meet other old timers at Fergusson by agreeing to meet at the circle. To the left lies the Main Building, an imposing structure that is at once solemn and full of students. This building houses the staff room, the principal’s office, some classroom, and is also home to the No-ers.

The No-ers are a specific sub-set of the human race, more sub than set, who man the office in the Main Building. Limited in almost all aspects of human faculty, they are particularly hampered in the speech department, being congenitally unable to say anything apart from “No”. This particular word they’re able to elucidate with varying inflections of tone and pitch, however, and are frequently heard to do so througout their working hours – which extend from nine to nine thirty in the morning, with a twenty minute break for tea.

Opposite to the Main building is the Psychology Department, also known as (or at least, used to by in my time) the Gaggle-of-Girls Department. There is also one small classroom in another building opposite, which ued to house the Philosophy Department. There would be barely four students every year, but the lectures were truly brilliant.

We’ll continue tomorrow, and the days after – there’s a lot of memories associated with good old Fergie.