The Magic of Chandni Chowk

by Ashish

Or perhaps I sould be saying the erstwhile magic of Chandni Chowk.

It’s far too crowded, and almost a suburb of Pune for us to call it the outskirts of town any more.

There was a time when you could bike it up to Chandni Chowk, sit at the little shop there (I can’t remember the name, for the life of me. Help!) and drink coffee. It wasn’t the best coffee in the word, but the view from Chandni Chowk was to die for. Thousands of twinkling city lights, out in the far distance, and a cool breeze that blew practically all night long. It was one of the best kattas in the city. If you were in the mood (or even better, if you had a pretty damsel by your side) you could go out for a ride towards NDA. The road was practically deserted, and it was an excellent ride.

Things started going downhill (and the pun is intended) with the arrival of Garden Court, Up and Above and all the others. Especially after Apache decided to open up a branch there. Not only is the Barman’s horribly mild in comparison, it has made Chandni Chowk horribly crowded at all hours of the night.

But even today, at three in the morning, going to Chandni Chowk and sitting on the katta with old buddies – its not a bad thing to do.

At all.