Compooterization? Haaf Corse!

by Ashish

That is the done. In the Pune University, we be very proud to be telling you.

All modern and sophisticated we are. Yes, we are.

Pune University, dear (and about to smack your foreheads) friends, has computerized it’s systems for correcting year end papers.

This (truly) is how they do it.

Some genius, sitting in Pune University, bashes out four columns in an Excel Sheet. This becomes the template.

Printouts of this template are sent out to professors in various colleges.

These professors enter marks in rows, per question, manually. They write on the printouts. Tally the marks using a calculator. And courier back the duly filled in sheets.

The genius in the University then enters the marks in the system.

And students duly recieve their marks.

Then what! All modern. No?