With the first rain of the year…

by Ashish

Back in school, it used to rain in the last week of April.

The vagaries of the weather get more pronounced every year, so these rains now come within a margin of two weeks on either side, but let us be thankful that they’re around, at the very least. Known as “Valvyacha Paus” in Marathi, they’re generally the result of some serious heat in the preceding days. For a couple of days after these rains, the city is appreciable cooler, and a modicum of respite is gained.

But that’s not the point of this post.

Back when I was in school we’d have just begun the summer holidays. And on one of those sultry days, we’d notice that clouds were up and about. We’d notice the sky getting progressively darker through the day, and the wind would pick up a bit in the late afternoon.

And finally, it would rain. With shrieks of joy, I and my friends would run downstairs to get wet in the rain. Jump in puddles,run around in the rain, faces up towards the sky, and revel in that sudden, wonderful coolness. Some years, there’d be a hailstorm, and getting stung in the rain was an extra special treat.

And finally, once the rain stopped, we’d troop in back home. We’d be bundled off for a hot shower, and then our mums would bring to the table piping hot kanda bhajji and chutney.

Even today, if you offered two months of summer for the price of that one magical evening – I think I’d take it.