The Rites of Initiation

by Ashish

My cousin has just learnt how to ride a bike. Well, how to ride an Activa, actually.

And as with all boys of his age, he can’t wait to ride one every chance he gets. He pesters people staying in his building, me and others for a chance to take a bike, any bike, out for a spin. I can remember how I used to do the same thing, rising along the lanes in Pune, reveling in the sense of freedom that only a ride on a bike can give.

The thing is, sometimes his pestering can be a little irritating. And I’m afraid I’ll snap at him one day – and I promised myself when I was a kid that I wouldn’t do that – knowing how bad it feels to be at the recieving end.

And now that the tables have turned, I find it very difficult to do so. Not snap, that is.

I think I’m ready for an Amul Chocolate.