Photowalk, anyone?

by Ashish

Guys, peoples and everybody else who drops in to the blog to say hello,

Would you be interested in a photowalk in Pune? A photowalk is just what it sounds – a group of people who like photography, and who like the thing they’re photographing, so to speak.

So basically, a big gang that traipses over a pre-decided route in Pune, snaps pictures, and then goes to Roopali (I’m hypothesizing here, but it’s a nice hypothesis) for a cup or two of coffee.

Then puts up the pics on Flickr, and has a nice time viewing eah others pics.

That’s about the gist of it, and it sounds like a nice idea to me. The people behind the attempt have a website up and running, which can be found here.

Shoot me a mail if you are interested at, or write in directly at

Cheers, all