A Treasure Trove…

by Ashish

… if you like books, can be found at Tanna Book Depot, at the very end of Hong Kong Lane. It’s at the very end if you enter from the side on which Lucky used to lie, of course. If you enter from the other side, it lies at the very start.

There, now that you have got that out of the way… and while we’re on the topic of getting things otu of the way, you also get very good biryani in Hong Kong Lane. I don’t remember the name of the place, but the biryani used to be very good.

Now all is out of the way. Promise.

Tanna Book Deopt is a small little place, where you and the owner can stand and contemplate the books on display. Not any more though – two reasonably sized people is all the place can stand. If you are not reasonably sized, the owner stands outside politely.

It houses books of every description though – there’s old Alistair MacLeans, page turners by Ludlum, the latest (and pirated) copies of the current bestsellers, old self-help books, new age self help books, and I’ve even found an old collection of plays by Ibsen.

One can spend hours in that little shop, happily browsing away through old, tattered, dog-eared copies of books that you first read in the summer holidays in school. Bury your nose in those yellowing pages that produce a smell that is hauntingly evocative.

And be a bibliophile for a while. It doesn’t hurt.

Have a look-see here as well, when you’re done reading this.