The British Council Library, Pune

by Ashish

Of all the genteel institutions that this city is blessed with, and there are very many to choose from, BCL must be one of the best. Parked on Fergusson College Road, bang opposite Vaishali, the library lies sprawled across three floors, positively brimming over with books of all kinds.

I have been going there since I was a small kid, and I still do. While there are other libraries that are better in some aspects (my beloved Gokhale library, for example), there is none to beat BCL for it’s impeccable service, old worldly manners, and their typically Brit collection of books.

I can, and I do, spend hours browsing in there – nowadays as much for the air-conditioned comfort as for the books, I admit – but still, I do spend the hours, and that’s what counts.

Lovely, Puneri place it is. And thank god for that.