Payjama Joke. Vagaire, vagaire…

by Ashish

Japanese folks, may the lord bless them, talk about drinking tea from an empty cup.

Which apaprently has nothing to do with anything, but trust in me, hitch up your skirts and follow my train of thoughts. Right, so the Japanese drink tea from empty cups. They call it Zen Buddhism, or some such thing. It is perfectly incomprehensible to the rest of the planet, but it sounds very cool, and they make millions of bucks by making movies and writing books centered around this theme.

The point being, they’re probably the only people who might, apart from true blue Puneri’s, get this joke.

“Bal Shivba”


“Bal Shivba!”


“Arre Bal Shivba!”

“Aho, kay!”

Long pause.

“Kahi nahi.”

Said with the right intonation, it’ll leave Puneri’s rolling on the floor. And say it any which way, it’ll leave every other species on the planet completely bemused.

Except the Japanese, because if they can drink tea from a cup that has none, they can get this joke as well. Which is a very Puneri way of making a point and being khadoos about the Japanese. Not that there was any reason to drag them into this in the first place, but why not?

But Puneri jokes are like that. Seemingly devoid of any humour, or possessed of humour so juvenile it barely merits mention, they are available a dime a dozen. And to Puneris, they are brilliant. They are born on kattas, near tapris, in colleges, in Vaishali, in Good Luck, and in a million conversations that happen daily in the city. They are quick, they are sharp, and they are infuriatingly good.

They revolve around puns, around twists of languages, both English and Marathi (and rarely Hindi), and they are best heard with friends. Who will then tell you another, and yet another, until laughter abounds, and a good time is had by all.

And Mondays on this blog will be devoted henceforth to this simple art. Think of it as the Puneri equivalent of a haiku. Only funnier.

And although the odds be tiny, apologies to any Japanese who might be reading this – I don’t know why I picked on you today.

So – here’s today’s joke for the day:

What did the saucer say to the cup?

“Kay mag.”