by Ashish

I was speaking about late nights the other day, and I forgot to pay tribute.

In fond memory of that dingy little staircase which one used to first climb up to the first floor. The descend, through the innards of a dark dingy interior, on to the ground floor. Into Lucky, where other Puneri’s (including the Mama’s) would be seated, contentedly chomping away on Bun Maska and Kheema Pav and Biryani. You could buy the cold drinks for the booze sessions, or you could go there for a smoke and chai, or for a bite.

I’d hardly ever go there during the day – my first preference always was, is and will be Good Luck. But during the night, Lucky was king.

It is no longer there, of course. In it’s place will rise, no doubt, a swanky mall and a multiplex and something suitably glitzy.

But in fond memory of Lucky, and cheers to every Puneri who heaves a sigh while passing by.