by Ashish

On a somewhat related note, I learnt cycling here in Pune.

The very first time that I managed to actually sit on a cycle and get it to move without I imitating Humpty Dumpty was in a small town called Amboli (which you must visit if you haven’t already). But the actual learning of the nuances, and the many lonely rides along the green and leafy boulevards… that happened in Pune.

And those green and leafy boulevards that I’m referring to? Bhandarkar Road and Prabhat Road. And the many little lanes that join up these two.

I know all you youngsters reading this will not believe me, but there was a time when these two streets were empty. And the lanes were even emptier. One could get on to a cycle and skim down the two slopes with impunity. Down from the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, all the way until Good Luck Chowk, all the way along the periphery of the Deccan Gymkhana Club, and out near Darshan on Prabhat Road. And then the long ride up Prabhat Road.

On and on, all day long. It was a wonderful way to learn cycling, and learn more about Deccan Gymkhana.

Today of course, if you learn cycling on these streets, you might as well join the airforce as an ace pilot. But that’s another story.