Playing Downstairs…

by Ashish

… simply doesn’t seem to hapen anymore.

Girish had come down from Bombay the other day, and like in the old days, he and I were palying cricket in his building.

We don’t do much other than bat and bowl in turn – appreciating the odd delivery and whacking away every now and then. No matches (come to think of it, we’ve never played one), and nothing else at all.

Back in those days, even, we were a bit of an anamoly. Nowadays, we’re fairly used to getting glances from people who pass by on the street outside – glances that quite clearly say, “Dudes. Ain’t you a little past it for all this?”

You know the really scary part? Some of those glances are by kids.

Apparently, they just don’t got how somebody can play cricket in a building.

How uncool.