Puneri Speak – 1

by Ashish

The world over, or at least, India over, what does the following phrase mean?

“Main gaon jaa raha hoon”

It means I’m going to visit my home-town. Straight and simple.

In Puneri speak however, there lies a small but important distinction.

If you say “Me gavaLA challoy”, it means you’re going to your home-town.

Which we Puneri’s don’t really approve of, because that means you’re in Pune and are not a Puneri. Nothing personal, of course, but it gives us a reason to be rude to you.

If, on the other hand, you say, “Me GavAT challoy”, it means I’m crossing the river and going into the Land of the Impossibly Narrow Streets.

The LINS lies on the other side of the Mutha river, which itself is a river only in the monsoons.

The LINS is a collection of old houses, old buildings, old people and narrow roads. This is the real Pune… Pune Gaon.

It is from here that the city has mutated into it’s present, bloated avatar.

Make a note of it – if you’re on this side of the river, you’re not in Pune – not by their standards. Which is what you mean when you say you’re going into the gaon – you’re going into Pune.

We have our eccentrities… you may have noticed.