Have you noticed…

by Ashish

And maybe this is a little pedantic of me.

Detractors (and I have, unfortunately, quite a few) might request that I delete the words ‘maybe’ and ‘little’ from that sentence, but now what to do.

So, as I was saying, have you noticed how everybody insists on saying FC College?

“Meet me on FC College Road, at Vaishali”

“I study in FC College”

“I stay just off FC College”

And I point out, with patience and forebearance, that this is incorrect. I point out that I’m nitpicking, and that it isn’t really that important, but given that FC stands for Fergusson College, saying FC College is redundant. It’s like saying Fergusson College College, get it? Ha ha.

And the people who are the recipients of that little speech look at me and laugh hesitantly. Err, yes… ha ha.

And I’m cut out of subsequent conversation.

No matter. I’ll continue to be pedantic. Puneri, after all.

Or is that redundant too?