New Isn’t Always Bad…

by Ashish

There is a school of thought in Pune, of which I’m a rather prominent member, that holds that the New Pune doesn’t hold a candle to the Old Pune.

Of course, every Puneri is a rather prominent member of this school of thought, and probably has been since Pune became Pune back in the mists of time.

“It’s not the same anymore is it?”, one can imagine a 10th century Puneri saying to another, “Pune was better in the old days.”

“True, true”, the other will nod morosely, “It’s a lot more crowded this year”.

Still, as I was saying, that’s the way it has been for centuries on end, and that’s the way it will continue to be.

But even I must admit that E-Square is a welcome addition. Good restaurants, and a multiplex that allows for easy, convenient access to a good variety of movies is not a bad thing.

I’d willingly take a sledgehammer to the other malls on that (and most other) roads, but I’d leave E-Square standing.

And of course, I’ve gone and left an entire generation of Puneri’s bewildered by calling E-Square new, but that can’t be helped now.

I’m an old Puneri. And in our day, Pune was different.

So there.