A Big Bite of Heaven

by Ashish

“You know the best part about the burger here?”, said Ketan.

Mumbled rather than said, actually, because his mouth was full at the time. With a burger, of course.

“What?”, we mumbled back, suitably engaged in chewing ourselves.

The hirsute bear continued chewing, a look of reverential bliss on his face. Chomping over, he swallowed. Closed his eyes, sighed. Opened them up again, looked at us, and took an even larger bite.

“You know that first cough you get, when the first bite is in?”

We nodded appreciatively – partly in agreement, and partly because we weren’t as skilled as he in speaking through large burger bites.

He nodded back, and we chomped on.

Which is pretty much all that you do at Burger King, actually. Chomp, not nod. Situated in two different locations in Pune – on East Street and in Koregaon Park – and having nothing at all to do with the large American chain, Burger King is what it’s name says. It is the King of Burgers.

The Jumbo Chicken is sublime, the King Burger is divine. The Chicken Sausage Surprise is ooh-la-la, and my vegetarian friends inform me that the Veg Burger is in a class of it’s own. I wouldn’t know, but they would.

But to me, the piece-de-resistance, the crowning glory, and the all that is good and great with Burger King, is the Steak Burger.

A large bun encapsulates a thick, juicy mashed up steak, with a dash of sauce as topping. A large bite is moist, tender, flavorful, heavenly – and cough inducing.

It is the way the Good Lord meant burgers to be.

Go ahead whenever you’re in town next… mumble.