Deccan Gymkhana

by Ashish

Appa’s is, for all purposes, the canteen at Deccan Gymkhana.

And Deccan Gymkhana is a rather large, sprawling club situated in the quiet environs of… Deccan Gymkhana.

For you see, the area itself is called Deccan Gymkhana today. It stretches from (roughly, you see) halfway down Prabhat Road on one side until the beginning of Fergusson Road on the other. It also takes for itself parts of Bhandarkar Road, the lanes around all these major thoroughfares and sundry bits and pieces.

It is inhabited by fierce old Punekars. It is a fount of sarcasm, it is full of good eats. It has narrow lanes that are hopelessly inadequate, and it has venerable old trees. It is quiet in the lanes, there is pandemonium on the streets. It has four old colleges and innumerable wannabes.

It’s one of the oldest parts of Pune, and it has many tales to tell – which we shall go over unhurriedly in the days to come.