Oh! And another thing about the summer…

by Ashish

I don’t know if it was holy tradition in your home, but it certainly was in mine.

At the start of the summer, my grandma and my mum would go to the market (which reminds me… I should write about Mandai) and come back with a heap of raw mangoes. Kairi, in the local lingo.

They would then sit and chop the kairis into small little pieces, smear them with salt and leave them out in the hot sun to dry.

And then they’d prepare a heavenly masala, into which the by-now-dried-out pieces of kairi would be dropped. And then the pickle would go into a jar (doesn’t “barni” sound much better?), and there it would stay for a goodly length of time – until the pickle was nice and ready.

And then all year long we’d have that pickle. Sometimes with chapati, sometimes with a little rice. And most of all, with hot piping sheera in the morning. Which also reminds me… I have to write about sheera, pohe, sabudanyachi khichadi… and so many other good eats!

And sheera is a nice place to start… what say?