Speaking of Frams…

by Ashish

A Puneri of some note pointed this out to me the other day; and it is a snippet of Pune that I was not aware of earlier. I wonder if you are.

Apparently, back in the days of yore, Frams sales department used to consist of a rather large bullock cart, and an even more imposing bullock. 

Both would ramble around the lanes of jolly old Pune, ringing a bell as they went along. Little children would rush out of their homes, squealing with joy, empty bottles in their hands. The old gent on the bullock cart would take the empty bottles, replace them with new filled-to-the-brim-ones, and go on his merry way.

This didn’t happen where I used to live, and I’d never heard of it from anybody else. And now I wish I had, for this sounds like the kind of kick-ass fun that only Pune can come up with.