Welcome to Pune

by Ashish

It’s a city with a certain something, my Pune.

It’s not very big, it’s not small enough to be cute any longer. It’s roads are crowded, it’s restaurants are full, and it’s grown big enough to have lounge bars – whatever the hell those are.

But it retains pockets of old world charm within itself, amid the sea of modern insanity that it has mostly become. It still has quiet leafy lanes and silent afternoons. It still has old world restaurants and venerable Irani cafes. It still has the quiet environs of Fergusson College.

It still has the tekdis and it still has Kamala Nehru Park and Sambhaji Park. It still has Chandni Chowk (although its not exactly the outskirts of the city anymore).

And the many other things that make it such a wonderful place.

It still has the quintessential Puneris; a species that defies decription.

It is, as it always was, a city worthy of loving description. Which is what this is all about.

Come along, and enjoy the ride.